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What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient system of knowledge to empower people through understanding. Our Western Astrology originated in Babylonia over 4000 years ago. Planetary names transitioned into Greek mythological figures, later renamed as the Roman gods. Looking at the sky, Astrology names energies active at a given moment and draws conclusions for individual application.

Seeing oneself and the changing energies one meets through this distant and objective lens is actually grounding and comforting, as well as motivating and inspirational.

Nine Planets

How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology is really astronomy given meaning. An astrological chart is simply a picture of the sky at a moment in time from a particular place. The calculations are strictly scientific, the actual positions of each body in space. They can be calculated for any time and place, hence the ability of astrologers to look back or forward in time, or globally through space.

The planets are named for Roman gods and goddesses, each of whom signified a spectrum of archetypal energy. Carl Jung's theory of individuation as psychological fulfillment and wellness saw the path to wholeness as the recognition and incorporation of the various archetypes within each of us. His daughter was an astrologer, and his theories fit perfectly with her use of the ancient maps.

Astrologers are not all the same. Astrologers who are psychologically oriented may refer to themselves as Jungian Astrologers. Others whose specialty is world affairs are called Mundane Astrologers. Most people are familiar with the simplest and most general form of Astrology, the daily, weekly or monthly columns in popular periodicals, called Sun Sign Astrology. While not necessarily inaccurate, this last form is certainly incomplete, as anyone who has had an in-depth reading with a competent professional quickly learns. As you will quickly see, a full astrological consultation has many life-enhancing benefits.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are

(The following is from a speech courtesy of Yael S.)

"I want to give over a piece of advice to you. Think outside the box, or if you cringe at cliches, simply interpret in imaginative ways. Enjoy tonight's moments, which will be inspired by good feelings of genuine delight. Couples, it's amazing what a little mutual optimism can do. Try to absorb this. (Wait). What if I told you that this piece of advice was actually taken directly out of a horoscope? How does that make you feel? Skeptical? Intrigued?

"The world of astrology has played a crucial role in guiding societies and civilizations over the course of time, from major kings to people in our modern day lives. Astrology has been defined as a tool for gaining an alternative perspective, understanding ourselves and the lives around us through the analysis of celestial structures and planets. It is not a science nor religion but rather a way to look at any matter in a different light.

"Astrology is a practice that was created in ancient times and used solely by rulers and kingdoms. In order to understand astrology in the modern day age, it is important to understand its history. Astrology is an ancient practice that is based on astronomy. Astronomy, with an M, is the science referring to the position of the planets, whereas astrology (my topic here tonight) is the meaning behind those planetary positions. Astrologers studied the sky and constellations, giving meaning and significance to what they saw. Various cultures had interpreted their findings differently. For example, Western astrology, the type of astrology that is followed in the United States, is largely based on a person's horoscope or form of divination that relies on the exact moment they were born. Western astrology was created in Babylon in the second millennia BC and was the first organized system within the field, viewing the individual, Earth and its environment as one entity. Chinese astrology, on the other hand, is related to Chinese philosophy and utilizes principles such as yin and yang, concepts that may seem foreign to Western astrology. Kings had taken astrology very seriously. In the book of Exodus, we see that Pharaoh decreed that all newborn boys were to be drowned in the Nile River, simply because his astrologers had warned him, saying that the savior of the Jews would be born during this time. Kings saw astrology as the ultimate truth, the "be all and end all" and acted based on what they were told.

"Since we are not exactly ruling kingdoms today, how is astrology relevant to people in modern times, say, people like us?

"In modern times, astrology is used to help guide people by giving personal assistance in order to optimize any given time and circumstance. Looking to the zodiac and the twelve signs of astrology has helped determine personality traits and moods of expression. People have been searching for newfound perspective and clarity. Individuals like Ronald Reagan and his wife visited astrologers often. It was said that before Reagan was elected as the 40th president of the United States in 1981, he had visited an astrologer, finding out the best time and tactics for his campaign. It was no surprise to many that he had claimed presidency, especially since he received guidance from an astrologer. With hundreds of astrologers in New York City alone, people have the opportunity to speak with a professional who specializes in exactly what they need. Whether it be astrologers dealing with more psychological affairs or worldly affairs, there are countless specialists who have offered a tremendous amount of guidance to people. During the recession, it was noted that business for astrologers was booming. High up professionals who were suddenly out of work felt lost and were struggling to find direction. They met with astrologers to seek comfort, direction, self-assurance and understanding, as this was an issue beyond themselves.

"People have been changed by the readings of astrologers, feeling forever indebted to their work and feeling reliant on exactly what they say.

"Seeing oneself through the lens of astrology can be comforting, motivating and even inspiring. However the task or challenge at hand is to not let astrology control us. Take today's horoscope of thinking outside the box or having special moments tonight as a perspective. Do not let it define you. We must be in control and can use astrology as a tool to better control our lives."

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