Astrology New York

Welcome to Astrology New York!

Astrology answers your deepest questions about yourself. It's a guide to what's happening in your life. No one can tell you as much about yourself as quickly as a skilled astrologer.

The Nine Planets

Why Astrology?

You will see your life full spectrum, from the practical to spiritual, with a positive emphasis on wholeness and purpose. You will be able to ask questions about the issues of most importance to you now, and receive answers that are both sensitive and objective.

What We Offer You

This ancient art balances NYC's frenetic stimulation with the vast perspective of the universe, providing emotional and spiritual restoration. The benefits of astrology include seeing and accepting yourself in a profound way, and becoming in touch with the meaning and purpose of your life.

With 30 years of experience in this field, Carolyn Campora can assist you in optimizing your unique gifts, providing in-depth readings from a rich symbolic perspective.

Your astrology reading can be provided in person at our New York studio, by telephone, by SKYPE (video or audio) or by an MP3 recording sent to you by email.

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